Equip your team for success

E38 can work with you to create the customized

professional development your workforce needs

Custom Program Development

We’ll tailor our current offerings or work with you to develop custom courses and programs.

Needs Assessment

Not sure what your workforce needs?  We’ll work with you remotely or on site to assess the critical skills and knowledge your workforce needs, where it falls short, and how we can fill the gaps.

Blended Learning

We can deliver all of our training via self-paced learning, live webinars, in person, or a mix of all the above. We can also create manuals of any of our training content to match your specific needs.

Why customized online enterprise training?

* Courses are always available; your people can train whenever it’s convenient for their schedule

* Content is accessible everywhere; no travel costs to get your people to training sites

* Live webinars can add interactive components to online training programs

* Young professionals today expect the flexibility and convenience of online training; including the ability to take courses on their phones and tablets, which we can support

Get in touch and let’s talk about your training goals