It’s been three months since our last blog post or website update at E38 Academy, not exactly the furious pace one would expect for an online training company on the cusp of launching, so what the heck happened? In an unexpected turn of events, an established training company discovered E38, liked our approach, and decided to purchase us.  As a result, E38 has been on hold since January as we work out the details related to rebranding as the online arm of a new parent company. I’ll be joining this company to lead their online training effort, which will be based on the foundation we’ve created with E38.

The paperwork is almost done, and we’ll soon be announcing E38’s new name and corporate affiliation. Then we’ll shift into high gear to launch the bigger, better-resourced version of E38. We’re already recruiting instructors and content provider partners and rethinking the scope and scale of what’s possible now that we’ll have a team supporting us.  Stay tuned!

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