Hi, I’m Chris Savos, co-founder of E38 Academy, a new online training community that Trevor Thrall and I are launching in January. Our goal is to create the best place for professionals looking to build great careers in the national security and risk intelligence communities to get the skills and practical knowledge they need.

This is also my first blog post, and after spending over two decades blanketed in anonymity as a CIA officer, it feels a bit weird to be doing something so public.  I’m going to have to get used to this feeling now that I’m moving out of the shadows and into the online space in a big way.

Why another online training company?  When Trevor first approached me with the idea of an online training company, I was skeptical there was room or need for such a venture.  How could we compete with the Hollywood production values and celebrity presenters of MasterClass or the name recognition and free content provided by our alma mater, MIT?  It took Trevor all of two beers at the Lake Anne Brew House to convince me there wasn’t anyone focused on improving professional development in the national security analysis and risk intelligence spaces and that there was a need for a different approach, one that provides practical knowledge for current and aspiring analytic professionals served up by trusted experts in easily digestible chunks. 

Where did we come up with E38 Academy as the name of our new venture?  Finding a unique name for the company quickly became an exercise in frustration; every sensible and descriptive name we generated was taken.  We opted for a different direction and named the company after Building E38 at MIT, which housed the old Defense and Arms Control Studies Program where Trevor and I got our PhDs.  Google Maps shows the building is currently gutted and under renovation, but it had a good run, and hopefully so will its namesake.

In upcoming posts I’ll explain the three groups E38 will serve and the three pillars of content we’ll offer. I’ll also talk about how you can play a role in our future as a student or content provider.

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