Hi, I’m Trevor Thrall, the other half of the E38 Academy team. I’ve spent most of my career teaching national and international security topics in an academic setting, helping students acquire the skills and knowledge they need to advance in their careers. Over the past 20 years, thousands of students – from undergrads to PhD students – have passed through my classrooms, and I have loved watching my alums doing great things in the private sector, at non-profits, and at every government agency you can name.

But even though I am passionate about the importance of university education, I have realized that universities are not always the right place for busy professionals to get the skills and cutting-edge knowledge they need. Grad school, in particular, is wonderful for helping people grapple with foundational theoretical concepts, question their own assumptions about how the world works, and learn the canon of a particular field of study.

Unfortunately, grad school is not nearly so useful for learning the specific skills most professionals need to master to advance in their careers. Students can make their way through most graduate programs, for example, without getting any real help with things like writing, analytical thinking, and communication, despite the fact that these skills are so critical for success. On top of that, graduate school curricula change slowly, and courses tend to focus on what is easiest for the faculty to teach rather than what professionals in the real world need to know right this minute.

Our goal at E38 Academy is not to compete with academic programs, but to complement them by helping professionals develop these core skills and get up to speed on important topics right when they need the help and without the time and financial commitment that graduate school requires.

Chris and I are incredibly excited to be launching this journey. Watch this space for more information about what we’re doing as well as tips, tools, and resources for people working to build great careers in the national security and risk intelligence fields.

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